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DNA Gender Determination

DNA Gender Determination

$129.99 + tax
Why wait until 20 weeks with your obstetrician or even 15 weeks with us by ultrasound? Find out your baby's gender as early as 7 weeks gestation with 99.9 % accuracy! DNA Gender tests available during all regular business hours by appointment only.
You'll typically get gender results via email 5 to 7 days after your appointment
Add our Sweet Beats 10 minute 2D Ultrasound Package for Only $48.99
$10 Off a Return Visit during the same pregnancy for any package $97.49 or more
Greater than 99.9% Accurate
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Sweet Beats

(2D Only) Ultrasound
$58.99 + tax ONLY $48.99 + tax with purchase of DNA Gender Determination
Starting at 8 weeks you can experience the excitement of seeing your "Sweet Pea" and their heart beat with our Sweet Beats package! What a great way to announce your pregnancy to your family & friends! This session is NOT applicable for gender determination & can only be done between 8 weeks & 14 weeks 6 days gestation.
10 Minute 2D Ultrasound Session
CD of All Images from Session
6 2D Prints
$10 Off a Return Visit during the same pregnancy for any package $97.49 or more
Beginner Newborn Bundle - Includes Valuable Literature and Coupons for Expecting Mommies
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Partner Photographer

May we recommend a photographer? Tay Marie Photography offers Your Sweet Pea in 4D's customers exclusive discounts, including $50 off their newborn sessions as well as well as $100 off their print orders. Don't forget to ask for your coupon at the end of your session, and check out her website or Facebook page today!
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Sweet Pea Add-Ons

Heartbeat Buddies

What is a Heartbeat Buddy? During your ultrasound we can record your baby's heartbeat and place it inside one of our adorable stuffed animals for you to take home so that you and your family can play it at any time.
$29.99 each

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